Fisher Price’s Love to Play Puppy

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn - Love to Play Puppy

This is a lot different from the toy reviews I’ve written before. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I recently became a mom <3 and I've mentioned that I'll be adding in some baby stuff in my usual repertoire of toy reviews. Perhaps you could think of this as a Mother's Day entry, yes? ^^

Love to Play Puppy is from Fisher Price’s Laugh and Learn collection of toys. The Little Toy Pusher got this as a gift on his first month. Though the recommended age for this toy is from 6-36 months, we let him play with it when he was barely 2 months old, of course with enough supervision from us.

At that time, he just listens to the sounds the puppy produces but he easily gets bored with it since he’s still too little, I guess. By the time he reached his 3rd month, he’s getting more amused with the toy. His eyes somewhat lit up when he sees the puppy. He’s delighted to hear the sounds coming from it whenever he touches the toy with his little hands or feet.

Love to Play Puppy has two interactive modes, play and learn. For the play mode, it will tell you, “Let’s sing and play games.” Then when you press other parts of his body, you’ll hear him sing Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes, Itsy Bitsy Spider (Eensy Weensy), If You’re Happy and You Know It, and other familiar fun songs that you can sing-along with. The Little Toy Pusher especially enjoys listening to This Little Puppy Went to Market, he gets a kick out of it since it is told in a story-like fashion.

The other mode, the learn mode, introduces letters, colors, parts of the body and numbers. When you press a body part, it will tell you what part is it and also the corresponding color. Another nice feature of this toy is the red heart which blinks whenever there’s a song playing. Our pediatrician told me that the colors that babies initially recognize are black, white and red.

Love to Play Puppy has very sensitive buttons. When one of its parts hits something like the sides of the crib or the mattress, it easily triggers the switch. This is actually good for babies, just a little nudge and it powers on. But when you don’t plan to play with it, there’s a volume control switch at the underneath the shirt of the puppy. You can set it to mute so you won’t get startled when it suddenly starts singing or says a phrase.

Retailing at $22.00 at Fisher Price’s online store, this is actually a nice toy for babies aged 6-18 months and perhaps even the younger ones. I think older kids will appreciate something more interactive. Though it can sometimes be a tad annoying for adults (or maybe it’s just me? lol) when it sings over and over or the singing gets interrupted because of button sensitivity and even creepy when it suddenly says “I see you”, it is a fun and entertaining toy for babies. Aside from learning and singing along with the puppy, this can be used to calm babies when they’re having a fit or distract them when parents need to, say, make an important phone call or change their nappy.

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7 Responses to “Fisher Price’s Love to Play Puppy”

  1. h4mster says:

    Cute one :D
    So when it comes to toys for babies, how could you tell what toys for what age? is it written on the box or the parents have to make the choice on their own?

    1. xine says:

      Hi h4mster.
      Normally the recommended age is written on the packaging especially when there are parts which could be a choking hazard. I think parents should always give enough supervision especially to small kids to avoid any type of accident.

  2. Nopy says:

    It sounds like an excellent toy. Not only is it fun to play with, but it’ll help little Toy Pusher learn some new words too :)

    1. xine says:

      Hi Nopy.
      Yup it’s a really fun toy. I’m really waiting for the day the Little Toy Pusher will say his first words. ^^

  3. elaine arevalo says:

    cute!!! but the ” i can see you ” part made me think otherwise…thinking of chuckie doll! lol

    1. xine says:

      Hey Len. Yeah that peekaboo thing can be a bit scary sometimes. Lol.

  4. Yi says:

    Totally cute toy, and it helps kids learn. I have no memories of myself as a kid, but my mom told me that I loved interactive toys. Glad to hear your child had fun with it too. ^ ^


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