Takara Tomy MicroPets-i are the cutest robopets!

Takara Tomy Micropets-i

Do you want to have a pet but too busy to actually own one? Then check out this cute MicroPets-i from Takara Tomy and have your own pet which you can bring along anywhere with practically no-maintenance effort whatsoever. Lol. Well, I guess they’re no substitute for real pets but just look at them, even though they’re going to be dust-collectors just after a few days of purchasing them, they’re just too adorable to resist. I guess their sounds can be a bit annoying after a while but I’d still probably buy one (or two) when I see them in stores. ^^;

Takara Tomy Micropets-i
Apparently, each Micropet has four modes: Chase mode – they chase a ball or other things that roll or move, Stroll mode – they run around but smart enough to avoid obstacles, Song mode – they sing pre-installed melodies and Duet mode – they seem to sing together when they meet other Micropets.

Takara Tomy Micropets-i
These MicroPets have the cutest names too! Top row from left: Rose Hip, Pudding, Oreo, Custard and Whipped Cream; Bottom row from left: Chocolat, Milk, Mocha and Sesame. Each MicroPet-i retails for about USD18.

Check out the MicroPets-i in action below. ^^

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2 Responses to “Takara Tomy MicroPets-i are the cutest robopets!”

  1. Kuhmeel says:

    omg i want one D: were were?!?!

    1. xine says:

      Hello Kuhmeel.
      I haven’t seen this here in Manila but I’ve seen Takara Tomy products in the toy section of Rustan’s, maybe they have it there. ^^

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