Our DreamPlay Experience – DreamPlay City of Dreams

DreamPlay City of Dreams

If you’re looking for an interactive playground to bring your kids on a weekend or just like in my case, before the school year starts, DreamPlay in City of Dreams Manila is definitely a good choice.

I actually found this ticket process after we went to DreamPlay. I would still use this as reference since we didn’t get to explore all the areas.

DreamPlay City of Dreams Ticket Process

I used to plan for all our trips whenever we have kids tagging along so we know what to expect. But for DreamPlay, I didn’t have enough time to research. I just browsed for some pictures online and I figured since City of Dreams is still pretty new, and it showcases Dreamworks projects, the kids would probably love it.

And I’m happy they did. We went there on a weekday and getting the wrist tags which served as our passes took less than 20 minutes. I went with the hubby, Little TP, my parents (who generously paid the tickets for everyone, thanks Mom and Dad!), my 6-year-old niece and one other companion who helped us with the kids. I got the kids pass since I thought I’d be joining the kids with the activities inside. The adult rate only includes the Dream Theatre (4D theatre) and the Dream Library (puppet show). We just got the 2-hour pass since I have work in the afternoon but we’ll definitely get the 4-hour pass next time since we didn’t spend as much time as we want with the attractions inside.

Here are the ticket rates for DreamPlay and a list of the park rules and policies.

DreamPlay City of Dreams Rules and Policies

Yes, you read it right, Adults must be accompanied by a child to enter DreamPlay. That means, adults without companions under 18 years old will not be able to enter the park. Also, bringing your own food is not allowed but there’s a fast food area near the Dream Theatre where you can grab a bite.

DreamPlay City of Dreams

I didn’t get to take lots of pictures since we’ve split up inside and of course I got paired up with Little TP. He was excitedly running around and fearlessly climbing up and down the huge slides. The slides look quite scary, but my 4-year old didn’t think so as he went up and down probably 5x in the second highest slide. We saw the entrance to the highest one but since we’re both up there, no one will watch him as he goes down the slide.

DreamPlay City of Dreams

Little TP and my niece got a chance to bake and decorate gingerbread cookies at Gingy’s Kitchen. The instructor played along with the story where you can see Shrek, Donkey and Gingy on the screens around the kitchen.

DreamPlay City of Dreams

He had fun assembling a dragon from a barrel and then letting it fly as the park attendant attaches the wheels to a rail which looks like that of a roller coaster. Then there’s a ball pit where he spent maybe just a few minutes because I don’t like ball pits especially if the area looks dark.

DreamPlay City of Dreams

Another interesting area is the Dinotrux where you use a tablet to control a lit-up ball as it goes around a maze. The kids enjoyed another area where you fire up a cannon with plastic balls and there’s also a thing in the middle that makes a ball fountain. The 4D theatre was also fun since it was a first time for the kids to experience it.

DreamPlay City of Dreams

The little ones got an extra treat from their grandparents from the souvenir shop near the exit. The plushies are priced at 700 PHP and up. Other merchandise like caps and water bottles start at 500. Little TP got a Dave the Octopus plushie and my niece got a penguin (not sure which one), both are characters from the movie Penguins of Madagascar. I just hope that they have more How To Train Your Dragon merchandise though. I want a Toothless plushie!

DreamPlay City of Dreams

It was a fun experience for everyone. Next time we will definitely try the other attractions that we missed. There’s a schedule for activities like the tutorial in Dream Studio, the puppet show and the baking class. You might want to go around the area first and see which ones you’d like to put on top of your list and plan ahead. With us, we were so excited when we got in and we just went along with whatever we see as we walk around the large play area. Just make sure your family especially the little kids are safe and well hydrated as they participate in the different activities.

DreamPlay City of Dreams

As we exit the place, we saw a lot of people are already lined up for the tickets so I think the morning is the best time to pick. I bet it could get a lot crowded during weekends. If you have small kids and you think they’d get impatient while waiting to get in, purchase your tickets in advance from SM Tickets website. Indeed a trip to DreamPlay is highly recommended for the whole family to play, create and learn.

Images of the park rules and ticket process via DreamPlay Facebook page. Main image via DreamPlay website.

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