Amazing paper craft for figures, diorama and more!

paper craft for figures

Seeing the really cool paper crafts at the figma website, I was inspired to look for more and see if I can use them for my figures. There are lots and lots of awesome paper crafts out there, I’d like to create all of them but I’m not sure if I have the time and patience to do so. ^^; I’ll probably print some of the doll house and mini shop paper crafts (main image) and hopefully I can assemble them soon. These would surely make great themes for figures and I think they look good just on their own too. Here’s a few more of the amazing paper crafts that I found.

star wars paper craft
Star Wars fanatics with lots of patience will surely be happy to fold this one up. ^^;

yamaha paper craft
Check out Yamaha’s tutorials on how to make these super nice paper craft models. They also have ultra-realistic paper crafts on their website.

wall-e and eve paper craft
Wall-E and EVE are so cute! Found them at, they have lots of cool paper crafts there too!

pokemon paper craft
If you have kids who love Pokemon, you’ll have loads of fun with these!

gundam diorama paper craft
Both from, these Gundam diorama and Patlabor paper crafts look really challenging!

hatsune miku paper craft
Paper Miku is kawaii!

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