Re-ment Miniature Toys for Figures and Diorama

re-ment japanese miniatures

I wonder if this kotatsu will be an ideal playset for nendoroids? Well, even if they’re too small or too big for my figures, I wouldn’t mind collecting these miniatures from Re-ment, makers of highly detailed miniature toys.

re-ment sushi miniaturesI’m sure sushi lovers would like to have this yummy-looking miniature sushi.

re-ment dessert miniaturesThese desserts look really divine! Even the packaging is amazing.

re-ment grocery miniatures

re-ment dimsum miniaturesI also like these cute supermarket items and dimsum. They look so real!

You can recreate various scenes for diorama with this Re-ment miniatures. Check out more cute stuff at the Re-ment website. You may also buy Re-ment items at J-box or Hobby Link Japan.

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4 Responses to “Re-ment Miniature Toys for Figures and Diorama”

  1. alafista says:

    I always wanted to try buying some of them, but like you mentioned, I’m afraid that they might be too small or too big for my nendoroids.

    1. xine says:

      Yeah, they’re really nice though. I hope Good Smile will come up with more accessories for nendos. That would be fun!

  2. Persocom says:

    I’ve always wanted to get some accessories like these for my Figma/Nendos, but I always think about the money I spend on these could go into another figure and then I back down lol. I’ve seen that Kotatsu with figures before, it worked pretty nicely.

    1. xine says:

      Yeah, that kotatsu is pretty neat, maybe I’ll buy one when I have more Nendos. ^^

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