Bandai’s Cooking Toy Line-up

Bandai cooking toys

I love the somen river (reminds me of an episode of ProDai) and that sushi maker can be really useful too! Found this at Akihabara News, a set of cooking toys from Bandai.

Bandai announced their gyoza maker last week, and today at the Tokyo Toy Show we had the pleasure of not only seeing the gyoza maker in the flesh and taste gyoza made with it, but Bandai’s nori maki maker, sandwich maker, and somen river.

I think both kids and adults will enjoy preparing food with these stuff from Bandai. Making sushi can be challenging sometimes, I hope that when I get a hold of these toys, it’ll help me roll better-looking sushi. Oh, and that sandwich maker will make a lot of cute bento! ^_^

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  1. boogiemeow says:

    This kinda reminds me of that Cupcake maker toy-playset sold in Toy Kingdom…

    1. xine says:

      didn’t see that at toy kingdom. cupcake was a craze a couple of years ago i guess. ^_^

      thanks again for visiting.

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