ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam (MG) aka My first Gundam model kit

XGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam

I just had Gunpla for breakfast. Well, Gunpla and milk tea. ^^; I got my first Gundam model kit at the AFA 09 last weekend. Honestly I knew nothing about Gunpla and I haven’t really watched the Gundam series but I’ve seen some modelers’ stuff online and it piqued my interest. Seeing completed models at the AFA sealed the deal. I want my own kit!

XGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam kit runner

I went to the Bandai booth and asked around. I read before that MGs or Master Grades are moderately priced and not too intimidating nor too partsy so I checked some kits. The guy at the Bandai booth was really helpful to show me some MGs and I decided between ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam and RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka. I chose the former mainly because it has more colors and looks easier than the Unicorn. I really like the Unicorn though. Ali insinuated that I should just get Force Impulse probably because he knows that I have the attention span of a 3-year old and very, very little patience. But I’m determined to finish this kit and get the Unicorn later. ^^

XGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam

Today is the start of my 4-day weekend and this is rather rare (unlike in the Philippines where there’s always a looong weekend) so I’m thinking of using most of my time to assemble my first Gundam kit. I even bought some modeler tools yesterday. ^^; I got the Tamiya side cutter and the basic file set. The side cutter proved to be very useful. It cuts cleanly so I don’t really need to use the file anymore.

XGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam kit runner

I hope to learn how to ink my kit. Inking, shadowing or weathering makes the completed model look less plasticky and closer to the original. That means I have to buy paint, brushes, markers and if I’ll be really serious, a nice airbrush kit perhaps? ^^; But for now I’ll be happy to just complete my Gundam kit. It sure requires a lot of patience. Guess I’ll be having Gunpla for lunch too. Lol.

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3 Responses to “ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam (MG) aka My first Gundam model kit”

  1. schneider says:

    Good choice. Force Impulse MG has better proportions compared to its anime variant, and is pretty posable. I wouldn’t recommend the Unicorn Ver Ka right after it, because Ver Ka models are notorious for their hard-to-apply decals. I’d also recommend the Turn-A MG next, since it’s even easier to build.

    1. xine says:

      Hello Scheider. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check the Turn-A MG. ^^

      Btw do have the Force Impulse MG? How long did it take you to complete the model?

      1. Steven pang says:

        Seriously, the mg astray is way cooler than impulse if you are looking for something that is posable and cool looking. Astray holds a silvery sword with yellow handles which is much better. I bought the mg astray so I know how great it was. If you into unicorn series, I recommend sinanju ver ka as I have it too and I know it’s a great built. Sinanju is badass plus it is big so it’s easier to fix. Sinanju is not back heavy

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