Wonder Festival 2010

Black Rock Shooter anime version

Just look at all these amazing Black Rock Shooter goodness displayed at the Wonder Festival 2010!

After seeing these future releases of BRS, I think I’ll skip pre-ordering Senhime and the K-On! figures that I’ve been wanting to buy. Black Rock Shooter anime version is too good to pass up. Though I prefer the face of the original BRS, I still like everything about this version. I just hope I’ll like her price tag too. ^^:

Figmas are really looking better than ever just like this version of Black Rock Shooter. Great articulation and accessories. Another must-have!

Black Rock Shooter figma

And of course, Nendo BRS looks just as good. Just thinking of all these BRS lined up on my shelves makes me giddy with excitement. Hopefully I’ll have the budget to get them all.

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

Dead Master looks super cool too. I have to look for some more room to buy even just one version of this villain. ^^;

Black Rock Shooter - Dead Master

Aside from the BRS figs, this Senjougahara Hitagi 1/8 scale figure is also a part of my wishlist. One look at this figure and I’m hooked. Ali likes her too so there’s a possibility that I’ll be able to get this one. ^^; Can’t wait to see the final version.

I don’t really have a huge budget for this hobby. It’s just February and my possible spending for toys are almost filled up to the brim. T_T

Bakemonogatari Senjougahara Hitagi PVC

Images via dannychoo.com

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8 Responses to “Wonder Festival 2010”

  1. Leonia says:

    I like Dead Master (the first version) ^^ Nendoroid will be probably cute too ^^

    1. xine says:

      Yeah. That Dead Master’s base split in half looks totally cool!

  2. GREW says:

    I think I will buy all BRS things that are coming up.
    Like both Dead Master Versions, then BRS Figma and Nendo and of course Dead Master too.

    Senjougahara will be on my list too.

    But that’s not only those things I want. May God help me to save some money >.<

    1. xine says:

      I hope the time interval of each new figure release will be reasonable enough for me to save money. So many beautiful figures… õ_ó

  3. Lylibellule says:

    This WF is completely catastrophic for our wallet! I spotted many figures which, i know, i couldn’t stop myself from buying.
    Notably the 2 versions of Death Master and the last BRS version. Without forgot the nendo :)

    1. xine says:

      I know. My wallet will be gasping for breath pretty soon. T_T

  4. Yi says:

    I love the Dead Master figures. I think that’s one that I will really try to get to complement my BRS figure.

    1. xine says:

      The details are indeed very nice. I guess I should buy even just one Dead Master fig.

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