Want! Upcoming figures from GSC


These are my current favorites from the GSC line up this 2014. Notice the similarities these figures have?

Yes I still like zettai ryouiki and twintails and these wonderful figs have either one or both. Apparently I like purplish pink hair too. ^^

When I saw Chiaki Nanami, I’m not even familiar with her character. Immediately though, I liked this figure from Danganronpa 2 a lot that I feel like I need her haha. Ultimate Gamer as she is called, she looks fantastic suspended in the air with her gaming console. Release date is in December.


This figure of Shimakaze from Kantai Collection -KanColle- looks super cute but kinda racy with her pose as she pulls her undergarments like so. ^^; But when I think about it, I wouldn’t mind displaying her if ever I put up my shelves back again. But then it is actually the three Rensouhou-chan canons which made me more interested to this figure. I’ll always enjoy looking at those expressions. Release date is in September.


Next figure is from Danganronpa again, Kyouko Kirigiri. A friend who told me who Chiaki Nanami is also said that Danganronpa girls are really cute. And I couldn’t agree more. The dynamic pose makes this Kyouko figure really impressive with her on the table sliding and the noodles spilling. Oh and that flowing purple hair looks uh-mazing! Release date is in September.


According to the GSC website, this Frau Koujiro figure is based on the cover of the 1st volume of the Robotics;Notes Revival Legacy manga. This lovely blonde with twintails is a genius programmer shown here with her beloved Gunvarrel. Details like her loosely worn socks, empty boxes of Pocky and her pensive expression which to me, looks like it is bordering on sadness, bring out the goodness of this figure. Release date is in September.


Gracefully badass. This is how I would describe GSC’s Ciel Alencon from God Eater 2. Who could resist her mighty God Arc weapon which comes in two forms, predator and blade, her confident stance and beautiful face? Everything is just wonderfully sculpted including the base! Release date is in December.


Oh how I miss writing here. I miss reading posts from my blogger friends as well. Though my priorities have shifted and I may have disappeared for quite some time, I’m back now and hopefully I am back for good.

Images via GSC website.

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  1. Wilfred Reyes says:

    If I have to choose, I’ll choose Frau Koujiro and Ciel Alencon.

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