Shining Wind’s Seena Kanon 1/7 figure

seena kanon shining wind

Here’s another figure that goes straight to my wishlist, Seena Kanon from Shining Wind. Though I haven’t played this RPG by Sega, I find Shining Wind’s characters really beautiful. I especially like Kureha, Seena and Houmei. I saw a couple of Seena figures from Kotobukiya and Max Factory, but I like this version from Orchid Seed better. This one’s based on a side-story novel, Shining Wind Another Link – Demon Sealed Swordman.

seena kanon shining wind

I guess there’s nothing really special with this figure, I’ve seen faces similar to hers, school uniform is also common, but I still want to get her. I guess it’s the broken clock and the big piece of rock that she’s sitting on that makes this figure interesting to me. (You can remove her from that rock, btw.)


It’s nice that Orchid Seed stayed consistent with the illustration on the cover of the novel. Seena will be out this November for around ¥7,800.

Check out Shining Wind’s opening theme below.

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