Nendoroid Ciel Phantomhive

Sebastian Michealis and Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji

Another male Nendoroid, yay! Earl Ciel Phantomhive is one of the main characters of the anime Kuroshitsuji. I haven’t watched it yet so I’m really not familiar with the characters. Sebastian Michaelis (on cover photo with Ciel) is another main character and was also given the Nendoroid treatment. I got Sebastian last year and I’m thinking of getting Ciel too because he comes with a cool chair and a very nice tea set for Sebastian. ^^

Nendoroid Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive will be released this September and I think he’ll be a nice addition to my two other male Nendos Sebastian and Itoshiki Nozomu.

Nendoroid Ciel Phantomhive

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5 Responses to “Nendoroid Ciel Phantomhive”

  1. softz says:

    These nendos look cute. But I’m not into any male figurines or nendos. I still prefer female ones :)

  2. Nopy says:

    I’m like softz, I prefer female nendos too. I might get Ciel though because of his chair, then I could sit him beside my nendoroid L.

  3. Yi says:

    You don’t see male nendos as much. I like Sebastian and love the tea set.

  4. xine says:

    @softz: Yeah, I’m sure you do. Lol.

    @Nopy: Nendoroid L is on my wishlist.

    @Yi: I hope they’ll come up with more male nendos but female figs are more popular. Sebastian looks nice and he also comes with a cute cat. I’m hoping to get that tea set for him too.

  5. mee says:

    I pre-ordered him! As well as Sebastian.

    I only like and buy male nendoroids since there are so few out there. The girls are nice but I prefer the males. So cute.

    I hope more males will come out, there are a few to be released -__- but yeah…females are more popular :( lame.

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