Michael Jackson collectible figure (Billie Jean/History Tour version)

Michael Jackson collectible figure (Billie Jean/History Tour version)The King of Pop may have taken his final bow but his legend lives on. Michael Jackson fans will sure to like this collectible figure from Hot Toys. Many manufacturers have created their own Michael Jackson figures but based on looks and moves of this poseable figure, Hot Toys’ version is really a winner.

According to Hot Toys website, below is a list of Michael Jackson collectible figure features:

  • Hot Toys’ newly developed TrueType- “Slim version” body with over 38 points of articulation.
  • Trademarked single sequined white glove
  • Sequined black coat
  • White socks with black shoes
  • Black hat
  • Microphone
  • Microphone stand
  • Three sets of interchangeable hands
  • 12 inches figure stand with Michael Jackson nameplate

It really looks a lot like Michael and the costume looks awesome. Released in March 2009, this figure is already sold out but they’ll probably have a re-issue since a lot of fans may request for this.

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6 Responses to “Michael Jackson collectible figure (Billie Jean/History Tour version)”

  1. carol bathan says:

    hey xine! i love your website. I actually collect some of these stuff esp the toki doki ones. if you can do me a favor, if ever you’ll find out when this MJ’s toy gonna come out…please let me know. i’m a huge fan and would love to own one….
    i will definitely keep track of your site….

    1. xine says:

      thanks carol! ^_^ glad you liked Toy Pusher.

      Sure, I’ll keep you posted on the Michael Jackson toy. I like that it’s poseable, you can recreate scenes and take a lot of nice pictures with this toy.

  2. irinaa_mj says:

    i’m looking for a doll like this for over 3 weeks. i would like one below 600 USD. do you know where i could find one?

  3. xine says:

    Hello irinaa_mj. I’m not sure if there’s someone who sells this toy for less than 600USD but I’ll check with suppliers if they can find one.

  4. irinaa_mj says:

    thank you so much, xine!

  5. irinaa_mj says:

    hey, Xine
    did you find anything about te HT MJ for me?

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