Kiriko Hattori Enka Oudo Dai Shogun figure by Yamato

kiriko hattori pvc (shunya yamashita)

Isn’t she a beauty? Kiriko Hattori is a character from Enka Oudo Dai Shogun which I know nothing about. ^^; But when I saw her face, I knew that she’s based on Shunya Yamashita’s illustration. I have a couple of Shunya Yamashita’s figures, one is Revoltech Pocco and the other is Nasca (Nasuka). I think all of Yamashita’s figures are very pretty though I’m not sure if I’d buy some of them because the poses are a bit too sexy for my liking.

kiriko hattori pvc (shunya yamashita)
Kiriko looks stunning. Her katana and her costume works perfectly for her! Her eyes and lips look great too. This Ninja version figure from Yamato stands a mighty 13.25 inches. Yep, she’s tall and her price is a bit up there too, she’s available for pre-order at Hobby Search for ¥11,210. Hmm, if ever I’ll get her, I still have around four months to save up since she’ll be out either January or February of 2010.

*runs and checks her pre-order list* ^^;

Images via Hobby Search

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