Otoha Karas - Good Smile

I can’t tell you exactly the story of Karasu, I’m not even sure if I finished watching it but I can clearly remember that it was a kickass anime! The Karas figure from Good Smile is just as awesome! Look at the details and the articulation, amazing!

Otoha Karas - Good Smile

From Tatsunoko Production’s 40 year aniversary OVA ‘Karas’, comes a figure of the main character from the show, ‘Otoha Karas’, who threw away his individuality to protect the city. The design of the figure has been created by the popular designer of the Eko Karas, Kenji Ando.

Otoha Karas - Good Smile

Karas is approximately 185mm tall and retails at ¥11,800. Otoha Karas also has a limited Regenerate version which costs ¥12,000. If you’re interested to buy this figure, you may click here.

Check out this really cool scene from Karas. ^^

Images via Good Smile.

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