Friday munchies and Kagamiku

I was browsing through my old photos and found this one with Kagamiku and my favorite Milano cookies. Now I’m craving for some. It’s Friday and I’ve got the munchies. Too bad it’s not available from the convenient stores nearby. T_T Oh well, maybe I’ll just buy some tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!

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17 Responses to “Friday munchies and Kagamiku”

  1. Fabrice says:

    And this is making me want to have some as well =.= love the pic!

  2. chubbybots says:

    I am lucky my mom baked cookies this weekend lol! I really should get some of this pink papers as backdrops. So much more vibrant than the white ones I am using!

  3. xine says:

    @Fabrice: Haha. Thank you! ^^

    @chubbybots: Aww, that’s sweet. My mom doesn’t bake pastries lol. But she cooks savory stuff though.

    I find it tricky to shoot with white sometimes.

  4. ninjovee says:

    Very cute photo!

    I’ve always wanted to buy Kagami’s winter fuku version just so I can have that face on figma Kagamiku ^^;

    I also love the shade of pink on that photo. What did you use? Cloth or cartolina?

    1. xine says:

      Thanks ninjovee.
      Not sure what type of paper was it, it’s a bit softer than cartolina though.

      1. ninjovee says:

        Hrm… softer than cartolina? I wonder if it’s felt paper…

        This calls for a trip to NBS. LOL

  5. Yi says:

    I love Milano! I like the double chocolate kind. ^ ^

  6. xine says:

    @ninjovee: It’s not felt paper, the texture is similar to a cartolina’s but it’s slightly thinner. I think I bought it from NBS Shangri-La.

    1. ninjovee says:

      Gah. NBS Shang. So far away. I’ll try the local NBS I guess ._.; but it’s mostly cartolina. Dx

  7. Aw, I love those Milano cookies ^^. Haven’t tried the mint ones though…

  8. Nopy says:

    I haven’t heard of Milano cookies before, but mint chocolate within a cookie does sound good.

  9. Persocom says:

    ooh MINT. I love Milanos, but don’t think I’ve tried the mint kind. Those look yummy, thanks now I’m hungry D:

  10. softz says:

    That is one of the best biscuits/cookies out there!

  11. Fabienne says:

    they look very delicious on the box cover, but unfortunately I don’t really like the taste of mint in cookies =D

  12. xine says:

    @anonymous_object/@Nopy: Mint and chocolate is a nice combination for me. I also like mint chocolate ice cream.

    @Persocom: Lol. I love Milanos because the cookie itself isn’t too sweet and the filling just balances the taste I guess.

    @softz: Yup! <3

    @Fabienne: I remember someone told me that choco mint cookies somewhat taste like toothpaste. Lol. I guess it's really not for everybody. ^^;

  13. AS says:

    Cute picture ^^. Milano Mints are awesome xD. I can eat bags of those xD.

    1. xine says:

      Thank you! ^^ Bags of Milanos? I hope it’s not in one sitting. Lol. But yeah Milanos are pretty awesome. Btw, I already added your site to my blogroll.

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