Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi

Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi nendoroid

Check out Kagami and Tsukasa enjoying a local snack. ^^ I’m really fond of taking pictures of my Nendoroids, they’re just too cute! I badly need better lighting to improve my shots though.

This photo is actually taken as my entry for a contest by Dessert Comes First. Kagami and Tsukasa were very eager to be my models. Lol. Nendo heads are really heavy so they can’t stand on their own. At first, I placed some Blu-Tack on the soles of their feet because they look so much nicer without their plastic stands. Kagami was fine with the Blu-Tack because her twin tails helped her balance but Tsukasa looked like she’s about to fall down because she has short hair. Ali just placed the mini cream puffs behind them to help them stand which worked out nicely.

We didn’t get to eat the mini cream puffs anymore because they rolled on the floor when I was adjusting the yellow cartolina that we used as background. ^^; Good thing I have another box.

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  1. Yumeka says:

    Cute photo! ^^ I would buy the snacks if those two advertised XD

    1. xine says:

      Thank you, Yumeka. ^^

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