K-On! figma Yui, Ui and Mio

With the upcoming second season of K-On! I guess we could expect a lot more new figures from this series. I already got my Mio nendoroid as a gift last December. I still haven’t opened it. I also pre-ordered nendos Yui and Ritsu and I’m planning to order Tsumugi and Azusa as well. I’m not really a completist and my budget for toys is not cut for being one either. But with the K-On! nendoroids, I made an exception since their releases are at least a month or so apart. I also decided that I’ll won’t get the K-ON! Mio and Ritsu: Live Stage Set since they’ll be a Wonder Festival 2010 limited product. And I didn’t order those scaled K-On! figs from Alter a few months back.

Then last week, I saw figma Yui and Ui. Though figmas are cheaper than nendos, I reluctantly told myself that I should limit my toy purchases to save more money. I still have a few orders coming up and I’m not sure if I should add more to the list. ^^; To make it more arduous to stick to my limit, I just saw figma Mio today and she’ll be out next month. Though I like figma Mio better than figma Yui, I’m thinking it wouldn’t be K-On! if I won’t get all five members of the band. My completist mode is kicking in. Must. Not. Give. In. ^^;

Here’s figma Ui Hirasawa looking all nice and responsible and worried, probably because of her elder sister Yui. Lol. Her face is interchangeable with Yui’s which is good especially when recreating scenes from K-On! You can get Ui for ¥2,500 and her release date is on February. Ui is a Wonder Festival limited edition item. I’ll guess I won’t go the extra mile to get her.

Yui looks like her bubbly self and Giitah is soo shiny! I love it! This is the school uniform version so I’m thinking Max Factory will come up with other versions as well. Yui comes with a blank face and stickers so you can be creative with the expressions that you’d like her to have. She’ll be out perhaps late this January for ¥2,800.

Mio is just so pretty and her figma version has a lot of nice expressions. I guess if I won’t be able to collect all of the K-On! characters, I’ll just get Mio. I also like the details of her guitar. Yui and Mio figures both come with soft guitar cases which I think is pretty cool. Figma Mio will be released in February.

I also found K-On! figs from Mobip. I haven’t really seen a Mobip figure personally but this particular set is somewhat pale and I’m not really sure what seems to be lacking in this figures. Oh, and Ritsu’s eyebrows bother me a bit. ^^; I guess I’m a bit biased with figma because I’ve seen their stuff and most of them look really good.

Here’s another picture of the Mobip K-On! figures. Has anyone here purchased a Mobip figure? Do they have the same points of articulation as figmas? I guess they have nice details on the girls’ instruments but I still prefer figma because the facial expression and designs of figma are much nicer in my opinion.

How about you? What K-On merchandise did you order?

Images via Good Smile, dannychoo.com, figma blog and Neko Magic.

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  1. Leonia says:

    I don’t really like figmas, because I don’t like articulations. The only figma that I had is Drossel (but he’s a robot ^^). These figures are cute, and articulations will make pretty staged ^^

    1. xine says:

      I told myself I’ll limit my toy purchases and stick only with scaled figures that I really want. But Mio is so adorable, but I guess she’s no longer available. I can probably get her through ebay or if I join auctions. T_T

  2. Lylibellule says:

    I’m not a figmas addict. I only own 2.
    I never find them successful enough. But this kon series got something different. I have the feeling that MF doing efforts on face making.
    Maybe i’ll fall for it at the release time.

    1. xine says:

      Yeah, I really like the faces of this K-On! girls. Just saw figma Tsumugi on DC. I like her too.

  3. BioToxic says:

    These K-ON! figma are really nice. I don’t want to order them though, since if I buy 1 I have to get them all :lol:.

    I recently bought the Prize G Banpresto K-ON! figures that I hope to review this coming week in my blog.

    I would however love to see a Ritsu figure in her Black outfit from the Ending song of the anime.

    1. xine says:

      Hello there.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      Yeah, I have the tendency to complete those K-On! figures too. For the figma I really like Mio and if I have the chance, I guess I’ll get her. For the nendo, the only one I wasn’t able to pre-order is Tsumugi but I’ll order her soon too. ^^;

      I’ll wait for your review of the Banpresto K-On! figs.

  4. Hannah-chan says:

    I have a Mio from Mobip and a Azusa from Figma and the difference is shocking.
    Asuza is way smaller, thiner and more has flexible joints. Her face options are more varied aswell.
    But Mio is a lot easier to put to together, her body is more filled out and she’s are more in proportion. She also comes with parts of Ritsu’s drum kit, as do the other Mobip figures.

    I want to get the rest of the K-ON figures but i can’t choose with maker.

    Figma or Mobip?
    Help! ><;

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