Hyakka Ryoran’s Yagyu Jubei

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

I finally got Yagyu Jubei last December 16. She’s the first in the series of Hyakka Ryoran figures from Alter. Based on some pictures I found online, I noticed that Alter is very good when it comes to the details of the figures they created. When I took out Jubei from her box, Alter didn’t disappoint.

Here’s a full shot of Jubei. I must say, the sculptor did a really good job. When I first saw her, I thought she was a bit top-heavy but I guess she just takes a little getting used to. I like her face, her eyes and her salute pose. As for her body, I think her proportions are okay and though she’s wearing a really short dress (or is it just a shirt and she forgot to wear a skirt?), she doesn’t look sleazy or something that I’d rather not display at home. ^^; The rope around her thighs which holds her swords is a nice touch too. Oh and I love the chunky footwear. I just hope they made a nicer stand for her, a clear one would have been better I guess.

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

I like the colors used on Jubei. At first I wasn’t sure of what background to use since I can’t find my white cartolina. Since I don’t really have much of a choice, I decided that the blue background is a nice contrast to all the pink and reddish hues plus it makes her blue eyes stand out.

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

Here are some details of Jubei’s back. I forgot to take a full shot of her back side though. ^^; But I can tell you that the rope looks realistic and everything is nicely painted.

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

Overall, Jubei is a well-designed figure and I’m really glad I bought her. At first I was thinking to pass her up because I was trying to save money and order Black Rock Shooter instead. Good thing I ordered them both. ^^

Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

I hope all the PVC Samurai Girls will be as pretty as Yagyu Jubei. I can’t wait for the next Hyakka Ryoran figure Hattori Hanzo. She’s not my favorite character but I really like her killer skirt. Too bad I missed Sanada Yukimura because she’s a Hobby Japan exclusive.

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14 Responses to “Hyakka Ryoran’s Yagyu Jubei”

  1. jintoo says:

    Oh you lucky ! I am also seeking for a shop to buy her :)
    In my opinion, the ropes are the most impressive. They look like so real ^.^
    I can’t say if the blue background would be the best for a such figure because the pink color of her cloth is really hard to appreciate. If one day I’ve got her, I don’t know if I would dare take pics of her >.<
    Regarding the other Samurai Girls, I was able to preorder Sanada Yukimura at Nihonju. I guess you will have to check websites but is is not hopeless. I am not so found of Hattori Hanzo's design… maybe I will buy her if there is a discounted price.

    1. xine says:

      I think white background would have been better but I can’t find one so I settled for blue instead ^^;

      Wow you ordered Sanada Yukimura! I actually like her better than Jubei but her eyebrows threw me off a little. She’s still a favorite though. I love her costume. I’d buy her if I have the chance but I bet she’ll cost a premium.

  2. GREW says:

    Congratz to your Jubei. ^^
    I’m very happy to have her too.

    She is very lovely. I like her details, her eye color.

    1. xine says:

      Hi Grew.
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Indeed she’s lovely, details look amazing. ^^

  3. DiStudios says:

    Such a wonderful figure!

    Mine has been delayed for so long that I am starting to think I won’t get one :(

    great photos!

    1. xine says:

      Thanks! Glad you liked the photos.
      I hope you’ll get your Jubei soon! ^^

  4. Marco says:

    Something about these kinds of toys being so beautifully sculpted that I feel dirty for staring.

    1. xine says:

      Steer clear of castoffable figs. Haha

  5. Lylibellule says:

    Wow, i arrived here thru a comment you left on Persocom.
    I’m always happy to discover new blogs especially when they contain beautiful photos.;)
    I like jubei. This figure got a lot for herself.

    1. xine says:

      Thanks Lylibellule. Glad you liked the photos. ^^ I think Jubei can easily become a collector’s favorite.

  6. Random Person says:

    Such a pretty figure. I’ve been waiting for ages for my Yagyu Jubei figure to come in, and the guys I ordered from (toyslogic.com) finally shipped her yesterday. I guess, it would make sense for the US to get her a month later. But, I’ve been waiting way too long. I’m so happy I’m getting her. :D

    And your pictures are awesome. I think for some reason, your camera shots make Jubei-chan look cuter than the other reviewers.

    1. xine says:

      Hello there. Thanks for visiting my blog. ^^

      I haven’t tried ordering from toyslogic. Are they any good? I hope you’ll get your Jubei figure soon.

      There are a lot of other beautiful photos of Jubei and I’m glad you like my set. She’s so pretty so most of the pictures came out well, I still have a lot to learn about photography, though. ^^;

      1. Random Person says:

        Oh. I’m no photographer myself, so the only thing I really judge in a photo is if it has a good perspective, and if the photo itself is clear. I really like your photos than other reviewers, because yours’ seem so much more vibrant. :D
        And Yagyu Jubei finally came in today. (Booyah!) And yes. She is ridiculously pretty. Probably the prettiest figure I have in my collection, next to swimsuit KOS-MOS (by Alter of course. :D)

        As for Toyslogic, I don’t find them to be particularly bad. However, since they are a US based store, expect to wait at least an extra month after the Japanese releases to get your stuff. Also, since almost everything I ordered from them was something from Alter (and since Alter absolutely loves to delay their releases) it took ages for them to come out, on top of the slower US releases.
        The figures do cost a bit more on toyslogic, but then again, to counter that, US shipping is much cheaper than paying premium shipping prices for overseas shipping.

        One good thing I like about Toyslogic is, they seem to buy their figures based on a stock quota system rather than buying only based on the number of preorders made by the customers. They have a set quota (indicated by a bar on each item page), and if they are all filled, then the preorder will close. However, if that quota isn’t met, and the preorder period is over. Then chances are, if you still place an order with them, you’ll likely receive the item still.

        I usually try to buy figures from other places, but I use toyslogic as a last resort (It was my last resort for Yagyu Jubei. :D She’s so darned hard to get now, after her release.)

        1. xine says:

          Thank you! Nice to know that you like my photos. I really enjoyed taking photos of Jubei because she’s just so pretty especially her eyes. I think that’s what make her look vibrant. ^^

          It’s good that you got your Jubei. And yeah, KOS-MOS swimsuit ver. is very pretty, too bad I don’t have her in my collection.

          Thanks for the info about Toyslogic. I hope you’ll visit Toy Pusher again soon. ^^

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