Hyakka Ryoran’s Senhime

Spotted at Alafista.com is the scanned copy of Hobby Japan magazine featuring the 1/8 scale PVC figure of Hyakka Ryoran‘s Senhime. The final product seems to be a bit different from the Senhime prototype I saw a few months back where there was some type of material draped over Senhime’s shoulder which conceals part of her costume. I guess it looks a lot better now that it was adjusted and you can see her cute skirt and thigh highs. ^^;

I like the overall design and the colors of this figure. I guess I’ll get Senhime depending on the price and release date which I hope will be announced soon. She’ll be a great addition to Yagyu Jubei and Hattori Hanzo. Now I really want to get Sanada Yukimura T_T.

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5 Responses to “Hyakka Ryoran’s Senhime”

  1. Leonia says:

    I am waiting for more pictures of the prototype. This figure will be beautiful, like Sanada (sadly exclusive) and Jubei ^^

    1. xine says:

      Haven’t seen a review or more photos of Sanada Yukimura yet. I actually like her more than Jubei before. I’m excited to see Naoe. If she looks as good as the photo on their website, she’s a must-get for me.

  2. Lylibellule says:

    A must have figure. I’m waiting to pre-order it as well.
    Used colors for he blouse are beautiful. And i love her face expression!

    1. xine says:

      Very nice design and colors indeed. I like the stringed portion of her robe, very nice. ^^

  3. Yi says:

    This is very pretty figure. I love her clothes and her pose.

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