Hyakka Ryoran’s Hattori Hanzo

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

Finally a new post and some pictures of Hattori Hanzo! I had a few health concerns lately and I have to rest a lot. Ali helped me with the pictures, well almost all of the pictures were taken by Ali because I’m not supposed to move around, I just basically watched and took a couple from where I was seated. We decided to take some outdoor shots so I don’t have to put up background and stuff ^^;

I wasn’t really that interested to get Hattori Hanzo before. But I’m glad I did because she’s an awesome figure. She may not be as pretty as Yagyu Jubei but her overall design is still very cool. Meganekko fans must be really pleased.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

Her pose is somewhat unconventional. I was supposed to put her on top of a big rock but it’s just a bit difficult to take pictures of her on uneven surfaces. There’s an instruction sheet included in the box to help you attach the thin metal rod underneath the skirt then to the base. The base is just a white plastic one just like Jubei’s. I think they’ll use the same base for all the Samurai Girls for consistency perhaps. I had second thoughts on displaying her on the top portion of my open shelf because she looks wobbly. I shook the fig a few times before I’m convinced that she wouldn’t fall off. ^^;

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

The major factor that made me decide to get this figure is the costume. Just look at the skirt, as you can see, it’s very intricate and well made. The metallic shade is really a nice touch. But I almost injured myself when I took Hattori Hanzo from the box because of her hair and pointy skirt so be careful.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

Another nice detail is her mesh stocking which I guess somewhat adds appeal and color to the figure.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

In this photo and the cover photo as well, you’ll see the same mesh detail on her neck which matches her stocking. This one is a nice angle of her holding that huge shuriken-like weapon that she’s aiming to throw. I think they could have made her look more feisty but I think she’s convincing with a weapon.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

And here’s a shot of her awesome footwear and oh I guess a little pantsu shot wouldn’t hurt. ^^; No shimapan here, just a plain, no nonsense underwear that a Samurai girl would wear. Lol.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

A shot of her bandaged hand holding her weapon.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

Another photo which shows her full meido warrior outfit.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

A closer look at her backside. Like Jubei, she has ropes too. She also has a scroll and a meido headband is used to nicely cover the seam on top of her head.

Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls - Hattori Hanzo - Alter

Hattori Hanzo is another fantastic figure from Alter. I am very pleased with all the cool details and the sculpt. Do check her out if you find her available. ^^

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11 Responses to “Hyakka Ryoran’s Hattori Hanzo”

  1. GREW says:

    Nice shots!

    Really nice pictures you made there. But I think I will past.

    I like her position though.

  2. Fabrice says:

    New post! ^^
    and a great one~ =)
    love the pictures.
    mhmm i dont even have one alter in my collection O.o
    maybe i should start////

  3. softz says:

    Very nice outdoor photo shoots. I like her look, especially she is from Alter. However, I wonder if her specs could be removed. It’d be great if she doesn’t wear any specs. They hide her pretty eyes.

  4. xine says:

    @GREW: Thank you! Glad you liked the pics!

    @Fabrice: Thanks! Yeah, Alter makes really nice figs and the costumes are amazing.

    @softz: I tried removing her specs but it looks like it’s glued or something. I didn’t force it though, I’m quite clumsy sometimes, I might break it. Lol. Nice to know you like the pics. ^^ Thanks!

  5. BioToxic says:

    Really nice figure & photos. The detail on her dress & blades makes them look deadly. Interesting footwear as well.

  6. Yi says:

    Wow, I love her skirt and the mesh clothing too. They’re so pretty and very nicely made.
    Great photos and amazing figure!

  7. Persocom says:

    Nice shots ^^ I really like her outfit and weapon, the only thing that throws me off is her moe yet mature looking face, not that it’s a bad thing. I don’t know anything of the character either so that doesn’t help XD

  8. xine says:

    @BioToxic: Thanks! Yeah her outfit looks amazing. I guess that’s the main reason I got her.

    @Yi: Thank you! Alter is really good when it comes to details. The mesh sure adds something to the fig.

    @Persocom: Thank you! I guess she’s quite mature-looking and her glasses probably made her a bit older ^^; There’s an upcoming anime of Hyakka Ryoran. You may want to check out their website (http://hyakka-ryoran.net/) and my previous post about the girls (http://www.toypusher.com/figures/hyakka-ryoran-pvc-figure/)

  9. Fabienne says:

    Oh Another Hattori owner
    nice pictures =) so far I’ve only made indoor shots of her.
    I really like this figure
    I bought her because of her flashy look,
    the mix of samurai + maid with glasses is really cool.Oh and I like her underwear
    Her looks is pretty mature in comparison with other figures on the market.

    well putting the metal bar into her skirt was a pain in the …XD

    1. xine says:

      Hello Fabienne.
      Thanks for visiting ToyPusher.com.

      Hattori is a really cool fig and very well made too. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that metal bar at first too, feels like she’s about to fall or something. ^^;

  10. Mimbi says:

    Wow that Hattori is really more detailed then the other versions i’ve seen, awesome!

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