Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Movie Collectibles

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 movie collectible toys

I guess most of us have seen how Hot Toys came up with awesome Iron Man collectible figures. Soon, Iron Man 2 will be in theaters and they also have the license for the second installment of the movie. They recently posted a War Machine teaser on Facebook. I guess we can really expect more amazing Iron Man figures from Hot Toys.

Iron Man 2 War Machine Hot Toys

If ever I’ll buy something from Hot Toys, their Iron Man line is on the top of my list. I’ve personally seen one of their Endoskeleton figs and I must say that the craftsmanship is superb. I’m sure they would also do a great job with the Iron Man figures. Any of you guys own an item from Hot Toys?

I’m also excited about Iron Man 2 movie. Check out the trailer below. Happy weekend!

Here are more pictures of War Machine. This 1/6 scale figure which will be released late 2nd quarter or 3rd quarter of this year has over 36 points of articulation and comes with an alternate head with authentic likeness of Don Cheadle as Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes in the movie. For more details visit War Machine’s page on Hot Toys’ website.

Iron Man 2 War Machine

Iron Man 2 War Machine

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  1. Lylibellule says:

    I loved the first movie and i can’t wait to see the second part.
    Moreover i like the actor Robert Downey Jr. :)

    True that figures produced by Hot Toys have an impressive reality. I’ve seen few reviews already and i had a gaping mouthful.

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