Hey Hey Thursday #01 – Zettai Ryouiki and Twintails

Hatsune Miku Love is War

Just yesterday, I thought of doing something different every Thursday and I decided to call it, Tsun Tsun Hey Hey Thursday aka HHT.

So why Thursday, you ask? Well, Thursday gets me excited since it’s the day when you can almost taste the weekend. Once a week, I’ll post something which hopefully excites you as well and perhaps stimulates a bit of discussion with all of you. This will also help me get a bit more consistent with my posts. ^^;

The first topic that came to my mind was, what characteristics of a figure make you press that buy button? I’m talking about that strong urge that you get when you see something in a toy and you feel like you really, really have to get it. I guess my penchant for zettai ryouiki is no secret but I haven’t mentioned that I’m a sucker for twintails too. Below are some figs that made that cut.

This 1/6 scale Nasca was the first figure that I bought. Since she’s not wearing a skirt, I guess that’s not exactly zettai ryouiki but the thighhighs make up for it, right?

Twintails. I actually like Black Rock Shooter’s hair and her weapons so I got 3 figures of her plus a figma and a Nendo. Not sure if I still want to get more BRS stuff in the future though.

I just saw this Hatsune Miku Love is War fig from the GSC website and I must say I’m quite impressed with this version. I’m not liking her face that much though. But the dynamic pose, the hair, the base, very nice.

Hatsune Miku Love is War

This version of Rin is perhaps the epitome of my ideal figure. I’m still regretting why I didn’t get her. Perfect twintails, Grade A zettai ryouiki plus that endearing tsun tsun pout, what more could I ask for!

Rin Tohsaka Unlimited Blade Works

This young Alice by Alter has been in my wishlist since forever. Sans the skirt, I guess there’s no zettai ryouiki here but like Nasca, the thighhighs plus the cute face make more than enough for it. ^^

Queen's Gate Alice by Alter

Permission to preorder her was granted! I’m so happy! Naoe Kanetsugu is just awesome.

Naoe Kanetsugu Hyakka Ryoran Alter

There are a lot of other figs that fit my description of a must-get which makes just makes my wishlist longer. Lol. Everybody has some sort of preference, right? So tell me, what’s yours?

Images from Good Smile, Alter and Hobby Search websites.

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17 Responses to “Hey Hey Thursday #01 – Zettai Ryouiki and Twintails”

  1. Onii-chan says:

    I can’t really define my preferences for a must-get figure but some of my most precious ones have either an emotional connection to me (favorite characters like Kenshin or Lelouch), are extremely rare (Jubei Swimsuit Ver.) or are just downright huge (Exelica) or a combination of these traits (Alter’s Nanoha and Fate).

    1. xine says:

      Hi Onii-chan. Thanks for dropping by. ^^

      Yeah, I guess sometimes there may be various obscure reasons for our purchases. Oh and I love Kenshin and Lelouch. I wish I had figs of them too. ^^

  2. ninjovee says:

    Hi Xine! It’s been a while since I’ve dropped by here. I must say this is a pretty good idea. ^^ As for this week’s topic, I’m with Onii-chan on this one. One of the top priorities for me is that I love the character. Another thing that makes me buy a figure is if I like the character design, their costumes and of course, the pose and expression. If a pose is dull for the figure, I would be less interested in getting it.

    I noticed you mentioning about wanting Kenshin and Lelouch figures. Megahouse has been churning out figures for both characters recently. Pretty sure you can still get them if you’d want to XD I was unable to get my hands on Kenshin because I am alotting my funds for two Lelouch figures and one of Edward Elric ;A; I think there will be a figure display of them in the Otaku Expo con this Saturday and Sunday. Are you dropping by there? ^^

    1. xine says:

      Glad you liked HHT and I’m really happy to see you here again. ^^ Yeah the pose and expression are also factors to consider but most of the time I find figs with twintails and thighhighs really cute. ^^

      You say Megahouse has new Lelouch and Kenshin figs? Nice. Come to think of it, I don’t have a non-articulated male figure. I only have 2 nendos and 1 puchi. I just hope I have the budget for more figs though. ^^; I didn’t know that the Otaku Expo will happen this weekend. I already planned something with the family. I guess I’ll just visit your blog for an update then? ^^

      1. ninjovee says:

        Haha. What gets me more than anything is the costume and the character design itself ^^ Which is why I now want Alter’s Momohime so bad even though I don’t really know her or the game she’s from. She’s just so gorgeous! T_T

        Yup. Megahouse re-released Zero and they now have Emperor Lelouch coming in soon as well. As for both Kenshin figs, they’re already out. Probably still available if you’re lucky. I’ll probably update my blog soon enough with photos of the figure display… hopefully! ^^;

  3. Fabienne says:

    That’s a nice topic, I also like twintail hairstyles, but don’t have that many figures with such an hairstyle.

    Personally I can hardly resist a figure with a very cute and cheerful face expression, I love blushmarks, ALTER’s Naoe Kanetsugu is such a case ^-^ Serious or emotionless looking figures aren’t really my thing.
    I also like figures with a slender bodyframe, even though there are a few voluptuous ones, that I really like.

    Another thing I like about figures is when they are a little bit sexy, not completely nude, but I like figures with a sparse outfit ^^

    1. xine says:

      I agree, blush marks are cute when done nicely.

      Sparse outfit, like Soniko’s perhaps? ^^

  4. Aya says:

    Personally I buy The Characters ^^ I rarely buy without knowing about it for preferences well I like simple figures and skinny body :D any hair will do for me short,long,twintails, but I think I like the one with braids(s) the most, for Zettai Ryouiki I have Ymir From Queen’s Blade,hmm twintails I have GSC’s Shinku and I just ordered lat-miku

    1. xine says:

      There are times when I came to know more about the characters after I already bought a few figs. I prefer a skinny frame too, Hyakka Ryoran girls are a bit on the sexy side but I like them a lot too. ^^

      I like Ymir’s hair, super cute a bit like Mami’s.

  5. Nopy says:

    Other than liking the character itself, I go by how nice the legs look on figures. If a figure has nice long, slender legs, then I’ll probably buy it. The other thing I look for is a nice outfit.

    1. xine says:

      I think your Maxima fits the bill perfectly. Those “Shining” characters are really beautiful. ^^

  6. Yi says:

    HHT (or tsun tsun Thursday~) is a great idea. I can’t wait to see more of this more casual topical style of posts.

    Twintails are definitely something I love too, even it’s not really a deciding factor. I have a Fate figure who has these gorgeous long twin tails that trails behind her. Very beautiful movement and flow. I really love her, and a large part of that are the twin tails.

    Also, agreed that the Rin figure is the epitome of a perfect figure. I am hoping I’ll be able to get her someday soon. (Space is a little tight right now unfortuantely.)

    p.s. Haha tsun tsun pout. Lovely~

    1. xine says:

      Happy to know you like HHT. I hope I’d be able to come up with more interesting topics soon.

      Fate sure has those beautiful twintails and zettai ryouiki too. And yeah, Rin and her tsun tsun pout… lovely indeed. ^^

  7. Hoshiko says:

    I usually only go for figures of my favorite characters. So far I haven’t buy any figures that aren’t that but maybe some time in the future. I’m attracted to figures with dynamic, lively pose. Very much like the Hatsune Miku Love is War figure. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

    1. xine says:

      A dynamic pose definitely adds appeal to a figure. Hatsune Miku Love is War sure looks amazing. Though I’m not fond of characters showing their pearly whites, this one doesn’t really bother me. ^^

  8. totally getting the KOISEN MIKU! this is my favorite version of her, and i knew holding out this long to buy a MIKU figure (i even held out on MIKU APPEND — which is lovely!) was gonna pay off >:D

    1. xine says:

      She’s just awesome, right? Where do you plan to buy yours?

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