Hyakka Ryoran’s Hattori Hanzo by Alter

Hyakka Ryoran Hattori Hanzo by Alter

Hattori Hanzo wasn’t in my original list of must-have Samurai Girls figures. But when I saw her on Alter’s website, I’m actually thinking of getting her too. ^^; I pre-ordered Yagyu Jubei but I missed Sanada Yukimura because she was a Hobby Japan exclusive. This coming January 2010, a 1/8 scale figure of Hattori Hanzo will be released, she’s up for pre-order at your favorite hobby shops for ¥8800. She’s the third figure to be released from the Hyakka Ryoran series.

Hyakka Ryoran Hattori Hanzo by Alter

What I like best about this figure is the costume. It looks so intricately made and highly detailed, check out the blades on her skirt’s hemline! The huge shuriken that she’s carrying looks pretty neat too. The pose (pantsu shot õ_ó) is okay, I guess, I’m just not sure if I like the expression on her face though. Yeah, she’s pretty, but not as pretty as Sanada Yukimura and Yagyu Jubei, IMO.

Hyakka Ryoran Hattori Hanzo by Alter (Hobby Japan version)
There’s also a Hobby Japan version of Hattori Hanzo, this one carries a double blade sword plus the huge shuriken. I’m still happy that they have a regular release of this figure. Exclusives can get really expensive if you’re not from Japan.

Based on the news on Hyakka Ryoran’s website, I think Alter will release the Senhime figure next because there’s already a prototype of her. But what I’d definitely buy is the Naoe Kanetsugu figure. I really hope I can get her even if she’ll be another exclusive.

Images via Alter, Hobby Search and Alafista.com

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