Fireball’s Drossel (figma)

figma Drossel

When I first saw figma Drössel, I really don’t know from which anime she’s from. What I know is I gotta have it. Nao. But I still have to wait a few more days for my Drössel to arrive. Yup I already ordered mine, I just have to do some scheduling with the purchases so I don’t overspend on figures. ^_^

Approximately 135mm in height, Drössel is packaged with various hand parts and lots of nice accessories so you can recreate various scenes. Price is at ¥3200, which is a pleasant surprise considering how good this robot looks.

figma Drossel

Drössel is actualy a Disney character from a 12-episode series CGI anime shorts Fireball created by Toei Animation. Each episode has a running time of less than 2 minutes. Check out episode one of Fireball below. This robot’s a bit of a brat but she can be really funny too. Drössel’s really cute, can’t wait to take her pictures!

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5 Responses to “Fireball’s Drossel (figma)”

  1. I love this, too!

    Hmmm it would be a great part of a collection.


  2. xine says:

    Let me know if you want to buy one. Thanks for visiting my blog! ^_^

  3. boogiemeow says:

    Got mine two weeks ago and its awesome..But beware of its joints which is stucked..But just pour some hot water in it and it will get unstuck,trust me it worked!!

  4. Leah Hovig says:

    Hi Xine,

    I saw your post of Fireball’s Drossel figma and wold love to know where I could buy her. I saw her at the San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately she was not for sale and my heart was crushed. I’m happy I bumped into your post. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for your time,

    1. xine says:

      Hello Leah. You can try Good luck!

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