Figma Mio Akiyama

figma Mio Akiyama - K-On!

I took some pictures of figma Mio yesterday while waiting for the last full show of Alice in Wonderland. I got her last Tuesday but I got to unbox her only yesterday. She’s actually my most expensive figma because I got her through a Japan auction. At first I regretted it because she eventually became available locally. But after seeing how pretty she really is, she instantly became a favorite and I guess I don’t really have to feel sorry that I bought her at a premium price. ^^

I enjoyed taking pictures of Mio. There wasn’t enough light in the coffee shop we were in but still I like how easy to take photos of her because all her angles are really pretty. I thought I took a close-up of her crying face because it’s really kawaii but I guess this will do for now. ^^;

Like Yui she also has a beautifully detailed guitar and case. It’s nice some parts of her hair are made of softer plastic so it’s not sharp, (no need to worry about injuring your fingers) and it’s not easily breakable.

figma Mio Akiyama - K-On!

For those who wanted to know, yes Mio has her shimapan on. I just didn’t take pictures of it because I already got a few puzzled stares from other people in the coffee shop while taking regular shots. I guess posing her to take a picture of the shimapan would have been really weird. ^^;

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15 Responses to “Figma Mio Akiyama”

  1. h4mster says:

    Nice figma :D
    haha, taking pictures of her shimapan in front of public would be troublesome indeed..better keep those private shots in private spaces :D

  2. GREW says:

    Ahh, one of those overrated Mio.
    But the figma version looks good though.

  3. chubbybots says:

    I am not a fan of figmas but the sculpt and details for Mio are actually quite good :D

    I love the details on guitar and the cover ^^ Very nice and matt look to it. As for stares when taking pictures in public places haha that is unavoidable. Do it with a few friends its not that bad hehe :D

  4. softz says:

    Ah Mio!! I got mine not long ago too, like last week. I’ve not un-boxed yet. I do agree with you that it won’t be a good idea to snap her shimapan, else people may think you are… some kinda… pervert? *LOL*

    Most of times, I find it kinda embarrassing to snap photos of figures in public. I admire your courage!

  5. rockleelotus says:

    wahh i just love the shots with her dong the peace sign :3 Mio is very lovely, great detail on the figma as well as the the instrument and bag!

    Lol taking a shimapan shot in a public place would be veeerry awkward XD

  6. Persocom says:

    Very nice pictures especially considering you were in a coffee shop ^^ I decided to hold out and wait for the second shipment on Mio cuz the first time around was next to impossible to get in on.

  7. xine says:

    @h4mster: Lol. I actually haven’t tried taking pantsu shots even at home. ^^;

    @GREW: She does look good, doesn’t she? ^^

    @chubbybots: Yeah, I guess stares are unavoidable. I don’t really have ‘offline’ friends with the same hobby so I just have to deal with those stares. Lol.

    @softz: I think I’m used to it. I just do it very quickly at times. And no pantsu shot! ^^;

    @rockleelotus: I had a bit of a difficulty when placing the guitar case over her shoulder because it keeps falling off. Maybe I’ll place the strap in her hand some time. Again, no pantsu shot especially in public õ_ó

    @Persocom: Thank you! Glad you like the pics. I wasn’t sure about a quick re-issue which is why I decided to get her through an auction. ^^;

  8. Lylibellule says:

    K-on figmas are really a success. Mio is adorable especially with her sad face.

    You were courageous to take photos like this in a cafe. ^^I would never done this…. already when i go to the park with my stuff and my nendos, i’m looked at strangely. :/

    1. xine says:

      Lol. Ask another collector to go with you so it wouldn’t be that awkward. ^^;

  9. red4 says:

    Haro Exteen!
    So you saw Alice in Wonderland, huh? Grr… this isn’t the place for it, but… MAN THAT MOVIE WAS AWFUL! It’s not because it was girly or anything like that. Rather, I didn’t understand any of it. I don’t know why any of the characters did what they did, or said what they said. Nothing made the remotest amount of sense. I was never given a reason to root for any of the characters. The only character I found interesting was Alice’s father – and he’s hardly in the movie!

    1. xine says:

      Hello red4 ^^

      The movie was okay I guess because it’s 3D. Lol. I’m not also that familiar with the characters, I read the book before but this one is a different take. I guess I can say that it’s also entertaining because the cinematography and effects are good.

  10. Fabrice says:

    I ordered her but the thing is i told the place i bought to wait when Tsumugi figma comes out like this they can send it to me al together…… i guess i better tell them to send it NOW! >.<

    K-on! figma ftw and nice pictures ^^

    1. xine says:

      Thanks Fabrice.
      Yeah, ask them to send Mio asap. ^^

  11. mikiwank says:

    I got my Mio figma yesterday. I am very satisfied. Unfortunately, I have not had time to take photos.

    Did not drink too much alcohol, sh’s minor. lol ;)

  12. boogs! says:

    Nice Figma there!!

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