figma Azu-nyan nyan Azusa Nakano kawaii desu ne

figma Azusa Nakano - Azu-nyan

Azu nyaaaaan! It’s K-On’s Nakano Azusa’s turn to get the figma treatment and the result is a super super kawaii figure. Reservation for figma Nakano Azusa School Uniform version starts this Friday, March 19.

figma Azusa Nakano - Azu-nyan

Nakano Azusa was introduced in the latter part of K-On’s first season. I’m sure she’ll have more exposure in the second season along with the rest of the girls and more K-On! merchandise will hit the market.

I hope I’ll be able to get this figure. I remember collectors went crazy over the initial release of the K-On! figmas and I guess the same thing will happen to figma Azu-nyan.

figma Azusa Nakano - Azu-nyan

I just love the blush on her cheeks! Azu-nyan looks like Mio. It’s probably because they have the same shape of eyes and long black hair. Too cute! Figma Azu-nyan comes with the same accessories as Mio and Yui plus a nice nekomimi headband which can also be used by the other K-On! girls.

See Azu-nyan nyan in action below. Warning: Cute overload. ^^;

Images via figma blog

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2 Responses to “figma Azu-nyan nyan Azusa Nakano kawaii desu ne”

  1. Fabrice says:

    I wonder whens the release date.. or i should say preorder date =/

    Azu~Nyan~ <3

  2. softz says:

    When I’ve already got all four P.O’d, I think this one become a must…

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