Felli Loss of Chrome Shelled Regios 1/8 scale PVC Figure

Felli Loss Chrome Shelled Regios

Nice to see a 1/8 scale PVC figure of Felli Loss from the anime Chrome Shelled Regios (Kōkaku no Regiosu). The first scene that I saw from this anime featured the pollutant beasts which made me dislike it initially. But when I saw the characters, especially Felli, I enjoy watching it somehow. Felli is a psychokinesis user in the series. She seldom speaks and rarely smiles too. She likes Fon-Fon (or Layfon, the main protagonist), but she is fond of hitting him too. She uses a wand which holds many petal shaped pieces which are used to send out telepathic messages to others. The petals are when inactive and are pink when active, not sure if that’s the reason why her PVC hair and eyes are purplish because in the anime it’s silvery gray. I haven’t seen the part where Felli works part-time at a maid cafe. Though her uniform in this version is nice, I bet more people will be interested to buy a figure of Felli in meido costume.

Manufactured by Atelier Sai, this 1/8 scale figure will be released this August and is priced at ¥6650 at Hobby Search.

Here’s the ending song of Chrome Shelled Regios, Yasashii Uso, featuring Felli Loss. ♥


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  1. wites says:

    What have they done? This figure doesn’t look like Felli at all, except for her uniform.

    I don’t think that her purplish hair (from this figure) has something to do with her psychokinetic powers. Rather, that thing that sheds off from her hair happens when she’s alone or in a melancholic mode.

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