Collecticon 2009 at Robinsons Midtown Mall

collecticon 09 robinsons midtown mall

We went to the first day of Collecticon 2009 at Robinsons Midtown Mall this afternoon. We weren’t really planning to go because we attended a toy event before at Robinsons Midtown and we didn’t find a lot of items that we like. But I told Ali that I’ll just get the Nendoroid Mikku Miku Kagami that I reserved and just eat at Ajisen Ramen. ^^

I think there were just a few exhibitors but it was quite difficult to browse around since the aisles were a bit narrow. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, I saw a few cool items from Hot Toys but I wasn’t able to take pictures of it. ^^; I even saw some fake figures, there were Nendoroids that are being sold for Php 500, (about ¥965). There was also a fake Moka Akashiya which retails for Php 1500 (approximately ¥2897). In one booth, most of the fake items are not easily accessible, you have to ask the booth assistant to get it for you. I actually touched an actual fake Nendoroid, a Melissa Seraphy nendo and L, sorry no pictures again, but you can really tell a fake one from the original. The paint work of the fakes is really bad and the faces are shiny. I wasn’t able to check the boxes if they have obvious differences from the original though.

I was interested to buy this pink Darth Vader but they don’t have the price for it yet. The store keeper said I should come back tomorrow, for today it’s for display purposes only. A portion of the pink Darth Vader’s sales will go to a foundation that helps find a cure for breast cancer. (I just remembered that October is breast cancer awareness month.)

collecticon 09 pink darth vader

There was also a nice display of G.I. Joe figures and diorama.

collecticon 09 G.I. Joe

I like this, reminds me of a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean. ^^;

collecticon 09 G.I. Joe

There were also a lot of mecha

collecticon 09 mecha

and some cute One Piece figures. I think these are for display purposes only.

collecticon 09 one piece

collecticon 09 one piece luffy

collecticon 09 one piece

I bought tokens (from a different part of the mall) because I saw some Lucky Star gashapons on display. But when I was about to put the coins in the machine, I found out it was empty already. T_T. I just decided to get a couple of Bandai Anizo charms.

Tomorrow is the last day of Collecticon 2009. I think there will be contests and stuff and hopefully more new toys. There was also a toy auction during the latter part of the con today, maybe tomorrow they’ll have better items to offer.

Even though I didn’t get to buy a lot of toys, I’m still very happy about my Kagamiku Nendoroid purchase. ^w^

collecticon 09 toypusher

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  1. red4 says:

    Is this the only photo of yourself in the website? Is that even you?

    1. xine says:

      Yup that’s me. ^^; I think I have a couple more pics here.

      1. red4 says:

        Really? Hmm. I know I saw the back of your head at Blogatoy.

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