Black Rock Shooter

black rock shooter

If there’s one figure that I’m really excited to see, I guess it’s Good Smile‘s Black Rock Shooter. Originally, she has a release date of August 2009 but for some reason, it was moved to October. Well I guess waiting a couple months more wouldn’t hurt, I just hope she’ll be just as good as the photos.

black rock shooter
I just love Black Rock Shooter’s pose with a big canon and collapsing checkered rock base, she looks really awesome! Based on huke‘s PV of supercell’s song, Black Rock Shooter was created using the Vocaloid2 software for the lyrics and as many of you know, she is actually the modified version of Hatsune Miku, a darker, badder Miku, if I may say. Distributed on Japan’s popular NicoNico Douga video sharing, she really gained popularity and is now one of the most anticipated figures of toy collectors worldwide.

black rock shooter scar

Another nice thing about BRS is the costume and the removable blue flame eye accessory. I’m not sure about you but I kinda like her scars, I just think it adds more character to this 1/8 scale figure. Black Rock Shooter retails for ¥9,800.

black rock shooter alternate version

The alternate Black Rock Shooter version comes with her jacket removed and a sword instead of a canon. I guess I’ll also get this one if budget permits. ^^;

Check out Black Rock Shooter music video and CM below.

Images via Good Smile and Danny Choo.

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  1. Sammy says:

    Actually, she’s not based on Miku, the artist said it himself. He didn’t even know about vocaloids when he drew her and the similarities were just coincidence. Oh well~

    And i can’t wait to get my hands on the figure xwx it’s so cool!!!

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