Tips for taking your toddler to an anime or cosplay convention

Archer cosplay , tips for bringing toddlers to a convention, cosplaymania

So Little TP attended Cosplay Mania last September 29 dressed as Archer from Fate/Stay Night. Last year, at 9 months old, he attended Cosmania too, as Chibi Lelouch.

It’s always good to be well-prepared and organized when attending an event with or without a toddler. I guess most people who attend anime or cosplay conventions do not have toddlers in tow. But for enthusiasts with kids, I prepared some tips which could help in making it a pleasant experience for you and your children.

Knowing something about the venue, having an idea about the number of attendees, what activities you’re going to expect and the like are useful information. Aside from a clean set of clothes, it’s also good to throw in some balms for bruises, insect repellents, antihistamines (if your child is allergic), just as an added safety measure.

Aside from preparedness, here are a few more tips that you should consider.

Archer cosplay , tips for bringing toddlers to a convention, cosplaymania

  1. Be sensitive about your child’s temperament
    For me, this is the first thing that you need to consider when bringing your child anywhere. A child’s temper is quite volatile, he could be happy one minute and throwing a tantrum the next. You’re lucky if your child is always in a pleasant mood, but still you have to be ready for that mood swing.

    In my case, Little TP has always been happy around people. Even when he was still an infant, he can blend in. Just make sure your child is comfortable to see a throng of people. Always expect that there could be large crowds and loud noises. It helps if the venue has a lot of free spaces so you can just avoid the things that could affect the mood of your child.

    You should always be on your toes when you’re with a hyperactive toddler. Quick reflexes are very handy to break that fall or catch something that he might throw or drop. Though most of the time Little TP is a pleasant child, he is a runner and he insists on running when he can. Some people put harnesses/safety straps on their kids but I’m not a fan of those. Strollers can be useful too. I like strollers but Little TP avoids them. So aside from his dad, I asked his nanny to join us so he could assist me during the con. It would be easier to have a second or third person to join you so you can take better care of your child when you’re in an event.

  2. Be very attentive to your child
    Before you check out that merchandise or take a photo of a cosplayer, you have to remember that you have a kid with you. You could be distracted with a lot of things when attending a con but you should check if your child is tired or sleepy or hungry. Even if it means missing the cosplay competition or other activities that you wanted to see, you should attend to your child first. You brought them there in perfect condition, it is your responsibility to bring them back home in perfect condition as well.
  3. Know where the exits and the restrooms are in the area
    It’s better to know where the exits are in cases of emergency. It is also ideal to know where the closest parking area is to the venue itself. As for restrooms, just have a quick scan of the place and take a mental note of where they are. It would be better if your little one is done with their BM before they go out of the house so you don’t have to deal with changing station drama and all that. But if you have a schedule to keep and your child isn’t done, then just be prepared with tons of baby wipes, sanitizers, soap, alcohol, mats and all necessary paraphernalia to make it less challenging for you and your child.
  4. Keep your child hydrated
    Your child could be tired with all the walking around so you have to remember to give him water from time to time. You should also have some snacks with you just in case your child gets hungry.
  5. Choose a costume that the child is comfortable with
    This is applicable if your child will be in costume during the event. Do not let them wear costumes which are heavy for their size or will make them either sweat or feel too cold. Choose the material that you’re going to use as well, check if it can cause itchiness or irritation since toddlers’ skin is sensitive.

    Part of the Archer costume are two swords (I forgot to put on the gray straps on his pants though ^^;). Little TP likes to carry those swords but I made sure he’s not holding it when he’s walking or running. Even though it is just made of cardboard, it can also cause injuries. Pointed or sharp-edged props should be avoided at all costs.

Archer cosplay , tips for bringing toddlers to a convention, cosplaymania

Little TP did enjoy walking around, exploring, smiling at cosplayers and attendees, (that Sinanju on the cover photo was his favorite) and having his picture taken. We arrived at the venue after we had our lunch then we left after a couple of hours or so because Little TP got tired and sleepy.

Maybe some people will still disagree with me because it is not advisable to bring small children to events with such large crowds. But I think you can still bring your child anywhere as long you are prepared and the safety of the child isn’t compromised. You and your child can have a good time at any event if you set realistic expectations.

Do you have any other tips to share? Feel free to post in the comments below. ^^

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8 Responses to “Tips for taking your toddler to an anime or cosplay convention”

  1. wites says:

    The important thing is you enjoy the event together with your family.

    What’s little TP’s next costume hon?

    1. xine says:

      Tron for Halloween! Gotta make that identity disc. ^^

  2. hoshiko says:

    I can tell Little TP is having fun at the event. He’s really lucky to have cool parents like you – bringing him to fantastic events, letting him have fun while keeping a good eye on him.

    Btw, did you make his outfit yourself?

    1. xine says:

      Aww, thank you Hoshiko! We’re lucky to have Little TP, he’s such a wonderful kid.

      Like last year, my Mom commissioned somebody to sew his costume. Didn’t have enough time to complete the details but I’m glad it still looks okay. We made the swords though. ^^

  3. LEon says:

    It is great to see you dress your child up for these event. Did you custom make the costume for him? That really take effort. Not every child like to dress up and even pose before the camera.

    1. xine says:

      Thanks LEon!

      Nope, the costume was made by a local tailor. Little TP was is okay with costumes but he can’t stay still for me to take good photos of him ^^;

  4. Nami says:

    Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for Archer pics. I remember having my picture taken with little TP. I was cosplaying Rin Tohsaka (Archer’s master in Fate/Stay Night)at that time.
    Hope we can stay in touch and hope to see TP again soon :)

    1. xine says:

      Hello Nami. It’s nice that you still remember my Little TP. Do say hi when we see each other again, maybe in the next CosMania? :)

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