Father’s Day gift ideas

cable, Logitech remote control, portable projector

Father’s Day is this Sunday so if you still don’t have gifts for your Dads or husbands, then check out the list I have for you.

Most, if not all, of these gift ideas are bordering on geeky… I hope you’ll find them interesting.

Let’s start with the Techie Dad. If your dad has that massive entertainment system set up and all of his remote controls are piling up on the coffee table, then it’s time to get him a cool new universal remote like the one from Logitech (main photo, bottom right). Or, if his cables need a bit of organizing, the cute Mark Brothers cable organizer from monkeybusiness.co.il should do the trick.

I think the portable projector (main photo, top right) from blessthisstuff.com is perfect especially for new dads. They’ll have fun sharing videos of their kids’ new tricks to relatives and friends.

Now this shiny helicopter desk accessory will truly stand out on your dad’s or husband’s desk. Perfect gift for the Corporate Dad, you can find this along with many other interesting gifts in the uncommongoods.com website.

Then there’s Boris, the plastic white guy also from monkeybusiness.co.il. It will hold the cable and carry your smartphone or your portable music player while they charge.

I’ve always wanted a Star Wars lightsaber from Master Replicas. I’m sure your Geeky Dad will enjoy playing with this. If you have extra cash, buy one more for yourself too, it’ll be more fun. Another toy that your dad will enjoy is the Naef Cubicus Building Set. It’s like a transforming Rubik’s cube. Lol. You can get it from quintessentia.com.

Lightsaber Master Replicas, cubicus building set

If your dad loves building stuff and has a wide collection of all tools imaginable, then these MAKE magazines will definitely fuel his creativity. You’ll also find other things for his DIY projects at makershed.com.
Make: Magazines

Is your dad a photography enthusiast? Then these very flexible Gorillapods and the hands-free camera holster will make his hobby more enjoyable. I personally like the Photoshop fridge magnets, they look really fun. You can find all these at photojojo.com.

photoshop magnets, gorilla pod

Last but not the least is a gift for the Foodie Dad, this Molecular Gastronomy Kit from uncommongoods.com will definitely tickle the imagination and tastebuds as well. Experiment and be creative. Who says you can’t play with your food? ^^

molecular gastronomy

If you don’t have the time to get any of these, then I guess spending time with your dad or husband will be just as nice. But wouldn’t it be more fun if you could spend time and play with those lightsabers or create your own gelĂ©e caviar with your molecular gastronomy kit?

Happy Father’s Day to all dads! To my dearest Dad, thank you and we love you very much. I didn’t get you any of the gift items above but I’m seriously thinking of buying that universal remote control to lessen the clutter in your entertainment room. Lol.

To my Hubby, I wouldn’t get mushy here in my blog but if you want to get those lightsabers, then let’s do it. But I’m sure it will get stuck in customs. Let’s just get the threeA stuff that you like when we get the chance to travel this year. <3

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6 Responses to “Father’s Day gift ideas”

  1. hoshiko says:

    This would’ve been great ideas if my dad is into gadgets and toys as much as I do. I find it difficult to buy my dad’s present T.T. I’ll be shopping with my siblings tomorrow and hope we’ll find something for him in time for Father’s Day.

    1. xine says:

      I’m sure your dad will like whatever present you’d give him. For years, I gave my dad the same things, shirts, ties, shorts, caps. Same with my mom, purses, clothes. Haha. I guess anything that they could use on a regular basis will be well appreciated. ^^

  2. Nopy says:

    My dad tells me every year not to get him anything. It took me a while to realize that if there’s something he wants, he already has it. For Father’s Day we went out for dinner.

    1. xine says:

      Yeah, they always tell us not to get them anything. I guess parents are like that, they are the ones who like to give gifts. ^^

  3. softz says:

    I would suggest a new iPad or a Samsung Galaxy S3 (i.e. if I’m the father!) :D

    1. xine says:

      I know Mother’s Day is over but I’d like those too. Lol.

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