AFA 09 Day 1

AFA 09 I love Anisong Miku Hatsune

We had a blast at the AFA 09. Day 1 was exhausting but super, super fun!

AFA 09 Toypusher & Danny ChooI was really happy (though I look awkward and really sleepy in the photo) to meet top blogger and CEO of Mirai Inc., Danny Choo. Danny’s always smiling, he’s really nice and friendly. Thank you, Danny for bringing the Tokyo Figure Show to Singapore! It was really an awesome showcase of figures. Later that day, Danny talked on stage about blogging and his company, Mirai Inc. Too bad I wasn’t able to see him dance in his Storm Trooper costume because we were outside the exhibition hall to get some drinks and forgot about the time. T.T

AFA 09 figma MiraiIs figma Mirai up for pre-order already? She’s really cute.

I really should have ordered this figure.  Saber Lily looks amazing!I really should have ordered this figure. Saber Lily looks amazing!

AFA 09 Miku HatsuneHere’s another figure that I didn’t pre-order. When I saw Miku on display and looking really pretty, I’m convinced that I’ll buy this figure when I get the chance.

AFA 09 Tokyo Figure Show nendoroidsTokyo Figure Show’s Nendoroid puchi showcase.

AFA 09 - Kaname Regional Cosplay Competition JudgeTop cosplayer from Japan, Kaname, as one of the judges in the Regional Cosplay Competition

00 Emotions AFA 09 Regional Cosplay Competition winner00 Emotions from Singapore won the AFA 09 Regional Cosplay Competition. Prizes include 2 ANA economy class return tickets to Tokyo, Japan + and Harajuku Lovers perfumes. They also won best costume and received a Brother sewing machine as the prize.

AFA 09 Witchblade Cosplay - Alodia and AshleyAll the cosplayers in the Regional Cosplay Competition look great but I really thought Philippine representatives Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao will win. I love their costumes and the fight scenes too! The sisters look really pretty and sexy. They’re the crowd favorite.

AFA 09 The Endless Illution cosplayers from IndonesiaThe Endless Illution team from Indonesia is also my favorite. Their costumes were very detailed and sooo shiny. ^^

AFA 09 Cosplayers from ThailandThe cosplayers from Thailand had a lot of fun on stage.

AFA 09 cosplayers from MalaysiaMalaysia representatives for the Regional Cosplay Competition

AFA 09 cosplayers from SingaporeAnother pair of cosplayers representing Singapore

AFA 09 Regional Cosplayers AFA 09 Regional Cosplayers with Aniki, Shokotan, Kaname and the other judges. Kaname commented that the stage was so high that it was difficult to see the cosplayers.

AFA 09 Shoko NakagawaShokotan (Shoko Nakagawa) is sooo kawaii! She presented the best costume prize.

AFA 09 Ichirou MizukiAniki Ichirou Mizuki with the Grand Prize

AFA 09 Xine I got tired and sat down to read some Bleach mini magazine.

AFA 09 Domo plushDomo plushies and a smirking toy pusher. ^^;

AFA 09 I love Anisong ShokotanThe I love Anisong Concert was fun. The crowd loved performances by Shoko Nakagawa, Vocaloid Miku Hatsune (main photo) and Ichirou Mizuki.

Flying to Singapore for the Anime Festival Asia is worth the effort. Though I wasn’t able to buy lots of toys which was my initial intention of going there, I really had a great time seeing wonderful people at the event. And Singapore is a really beautiful place, I love it! I’ll post some pictures from Day 2 soon. ^^

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  1. wow congrats for having lots of fun there. hope to see you in some of Otakai’s toy display activities

    1. xine says:

      Thanks Siopao Master! ^^

  2. K says:

    I’m dying with envy T__T

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