Dollfie Dream

Dollfie Dream Louise

I can has Mini Dollfie Dream?

I was not really into dolls. When I was little, I have more toy cars than dolls. But when I saw BJDs (ball jointed dolls) last year and learned about Volks Dollfie Dream from Danny Choo’s website earlier this year, I’m wanting these dolls!

Mini Dollfie Dream Louise (main image) is a limited model. Louise is a character from the anime The Familiar of Zero. I just love her pink hair and red eyes. You can buy Louise Mini DD for ¥47,250. You can find out more about Louise here.

Dollfie Dream Louise

I also love the Fate/Stay Night characters Rin and Saber. More details here.

Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka

Dollfie Dream Saber

I hope I’ll find these dolls in a convention soon. And I’d love to attend doll parties and stuff. I still haven’t decided if I’ll buy one because it will be a major, major dent on my wallet. One Dollfie Dream is enough for me, I guess. Or maybe three? ^_^

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2 Responses to “Dollfie Dream”

  1. Persocom says:

    I really want that Louise dollfie. Still have no dollfies the price is just a bit too insane. Also the Alter version of Saber dollfie is one that my wife REALLY wants… but they’re hard to get ahold of so it’ll probably be a while before we’re able to get one.

  2. xine says:

    Yeah, Dollfies are really expensive. I guess it take me quite a while before I get mine. ^^;

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