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plaseebo specimen No.X-50U2

I’m not exactly fond of creepy toys especially the gory ones. But this custom from Plaseebo is something I’d like to have and bring along during Halloween. Lol. This green glow-in-the-dark vinyl toy is called Specimen No.X-50U2 and is actually created for the Halloween Massacre Show which will open on October 30th at the Monstock Gallery in Tokyo.

I think I actually gave a friend an item a bit similar to this when I was in college. Something yucky, part of the Kris Kringle/Secret Santa thing where you anonymously give small gifts to a person whose name you randomly picked. Do you remember those plastic toys that grows like 500% of their size or something? Mostly they are insects or sea creatures. I bought one of that, placed it in an empty Bubble Tape container, add some water and some cough syrup which I think belongs to my roommate. The toy I bought grew only about 300%. I sealed the container with some tape and wrapped it in some used plastic. My friend whom I gave the gift to wasn’t able to completely open the package. It was a bit smelly with plastic fumes and cough syrup. We had a good laugh. I don’t really remember my friend getting mad at me when she found out that I was her Secret Santa. I should have used a jar though. You could see the whole thing and it looks ickier. Lol.

Images via Plastic and Plush

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2 Responses to “Toys for Halloween”

  1. len says:

    hahaha!!! glad it was not me!!! i know that toy…had the same experiment but what’s with the cough syrup?? lol. I should have seen this before the halloween and bought one for display in our living room :-0

    nice shot xine! i like it!!!

    1. xine says:

      Hi Len. It was Denise. Cough syrup was just to up the viscosity. ^^;

      I’m not sure if you can buy this toy, I think it’s just a custom for the exhibit. Oh and the pictures are from Plastic and Plush website. ^^;

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