O-no Sushi by Andrew Bell

O-No Sushi SDCC blue colorway

Looking at this pitiful octopus with severed tentacles makes me feel a bit guilty for all the sushi I consumed. But I sure would want this sad looking creature in my toy collection. This limited O-no Sushi blue colorway, the premiere edition of artist Andrew Bell‘s fine food product is available exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con. You have only until July 26 to get this, so hurry!

O-no Sushi Blue

But if you can’t be at the SDCC (just like me), there’s a standard red edition which will be available this August, watch out for it. This is based directly off of Andrew Bell’s popular Never Look Back art print.

O-no Sushi red

The blue edition will cost you $30 and the red one, $25. Check out O-no Sushi’s website to find out more.

Images via spankystrokes.com and o-no-co.com

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2 Responses to “O-no Sushi by Andrew Bell”

  1. Otaku Dan says:

    that figure is really cute and funny

    1. xine says:

      yeah really cute but I also feel kinda sad for him. I like the blue one better than the red one but I guess I’ll have to pay premium price since it’s an SDCC exclusive õ_ó maybe I’ll just settle with red.

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