Dunny Series 2009

dunny 2009

September 10 should be an exciting day for Dunny collectors because Dunny Series 2009 will be available with 20 all-new designs from 20 amazing artists!

dunny series 2009

Dunnys designed by Thomas Han, SupaKitch and Huck Gee are my favorites from this series. Other artists include Amanda Visell, Andrew Bell, Amy Ruppel, Brandt Peters, Dalek, Devilrobots, Gary Taxali, Mori Chack, Jeremyville, Kozik, Kronk, Luke Chueh, Mad, Pon, Shane Jessup, Shawnimal and Travis Cain.

dunny 2009 huck gee
Two chases (rare or hard to find figures) are included this line-up so you have to watch out for that. There are also Golden Tickets redeemable for an elusive 3-inch Dunny by the New York-based artist Pon.

Sold in blind assortment, each Dunny retails at $7.95 apiece and comes with a collectible insert card. You can also purchase an entire case of 25 for $188.75 and save 5%.

Images via Kidrobot and KRonikle.

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