Fun with MUGO


Mugo is the first product by Feed the Beast, LLC, a company dedicated to creating products that merge art with technology. Mugo is an MP3 player, a USB Drive and a vinyl toy in one. Pretty neat, huh? This limited edition artist series features international artists Julie West, Shin Tanaka, Yup, Tougui and Pulco Mayo.

mugo by shin tanaka

Via Mugo’s website:

Mugo are a shy race of creatures. They are highly individualized – sometimes timid and resourceful, sometimes mischievous, but always on the cutting edge. Mugo are born with a natural gift for music, art and culture. They store knowledge. They inspire.

mugo by pulco mayo

With 4GB memory drive, Mugo can store up to 1000 MP3 songs and transport your pictures, videos, documents and other data. These babies will be ready to ship in October 2009 but you can pre-order your Mugo today for $49.99, a good deal for this very cool product.

mugo by tougui

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  1. This is way COOL! I would love to have one of own when it is already out in the market! :-)

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