My name is Xine and I am a toy pusher.

Welcome to my playground. Let me share to you my passion for toys. From the cute and cuddly to the badass and weird, you’ll see all sorts of toys here. I hope you’ll find something you like and come back for more.

Want! Upcoming figures from GSC


These are my current favorites from the GSC line up this 2014. Notice the similarities these figures have? Click to continue…


Noisy Boy!


Deep purple in color with Kanji characters written across his body, Noisy Boy is a robot you wouldn’t miss. Though he has a short screen time, I bet he can easily be a favorite among Real Steel fans because of how sleek he looks. Click to continue…

3A Halo Figures Pre-order info!

3A Halo Emile A-239 Spartan-III

3A and Halo fans are in for a treat. In just a few more hours you may already pre-order Emile A-239 Spartan-III and the Bambalandstore exclusive Spartan Mark V EVA! Details on these figures are glorious! Click to continue…

Fun Tents for Kids

Hippie Tipi play tent for kids

Pillow forts are fun but I guess pretend play will be much more enjoyable using the Hippie Tipi Play Tent. Click to continue…

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet

When I was a kid, I learned the alphabet through reading books and flash cards. I guess it’s a good way to learn since I developed an interest with books and writing at an early age. Now that I have Little TP, I’m looking for ways where he can learn and enjoy at the same time. Click to continue…

Hey Hey Thursday – Who are your favorite anime or manga illustrators?

Range Murata illustration

I could use a lot of help from you my dear readers and friends to introduce me to your favorite anime or manga illustrators. Sure, I enjoy anime but almost all the time, I’m not familiar with the artists who did the character designs. Click to continue…

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